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Over 35 Years of Experience

At Eco Metal Recycling and Tank Removals, we take great measures to ensure the environment always comes first! You may question how a company that specializes in the removal of heating oil tanks and boilers could accomplish this? By following a very strict code of environmental rules and regulations in order to guarantee every client and job are properly handled with the utmost care and respect for our clients.

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Expertise and Qualifications

We are a approved contractor with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. We hold two different Environmental Compliance Approval numbers and one TSSA #.

  1. ECA # 7071-BD9Q4S – This ECA allows us to transport and Haul Hazardous materials to authorized waste facilities. (Dangerous Goods Shipping Document)
  2. ECA # 8282-BDYJMF – This ECA allows Eco Metal to store Asbestos waste at our yard in our approved sealed and secured waste container until a bulk load can be transported to another approved waste facility. (Asbestos Removal Certificate)
  3. TSSA # FS R 000076642106 – Allows Team Eco to work on Oil or Gas fired boilers and tank removals. (Tank Removal Certificate)

The company began with residential oil tank removals, boilers and asbestos abatement. Our focus grew as we identified more services that we could specialize in and that would ultimately help our clients and contractors get the jobs done more efficiently and compliantly.

Today the company's list of services includes:

  • Oil and fuel tank – Above ground tanks
  • Boiler and venting removal
  • Boiler room – Mechanical room – dismantling specialists
  • Underground fuel storage tank
  • Used oils – shipping and disposal (Tank Removal Certificate)
  • Stone lined water tanks
  • Fuel tank pump outs
  • Fan and motor
  • Chillers – roof top and interior
  • Air make up units and ducting
  • Generator removal
  • Roof top stacks and ventilation piping
  • chimney brick and concrete removals
  • industrial plant and factory dismantling and disposal
  • Industrial equipment removal
  • Machinery moving
  • Piping – dormant, high level, hangers
  • Furnace and incinerator removals
  • Dust Collection systems
  • Asbestos Removal - Abatement
  • Asbestos shipping documents – MECP # 7071- BD9Q4S (Dangerous Goods Shipping Document)
  • Asbestos disposal Certificates – MECP # 8282-BDY-JMF (Asbestos Removal Certificate)
  • Scrap metal Destroy letters
  • Full GRS – Generator – Shipper – Receiver documentation – Binder

Eco Metal Recycling works for and with the following clients:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Parks
  • Shipping
  • Transportation
  • City and municipalities
  • HVAC – Mechanical Contractors
  • Apartment Management companies
  • Apartment superintendents
  • Churches
  • School department
  • Plant and Factory directors – Maintenance department
  • General Contractors
  • Real estate agents and Brokers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Insurance companies
  • Restoration companies
  • Private home owners and Investors

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