At Eco Metal Recycling Inc, we stand as your reliable partner in the complex process of commercial floor tile removal, a task demanding specialized skills and deep awareness about the potential hazards involved. Our mission revolves around executing removal projects with an unwavering focus on safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Delve into the procedures and precautions we undertake to ensure a safe and compliant asbestos abatement process.

The Scope of Materials Handled

Our teams are experienced at dealing with a range of flooring materials, including:

  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Floor Tiles
  • Asbestos Sheets

These materials are often accompanied by paper-like backing, adhesives, or glues, which were historically known to contain asbestos for enhanced durability and strength.

Detailed Procedures for Non-Friable Asbestos-Containing Floor Tile Removal

We follow a strict procedure to maintain the highest safety standards when removing non-friable asbestos-containing floor tiles. The step-by-step process includes:

  1. Wetting the Tiles: We start by thoroughly wetting the tiles to minimize the release of asbestos fibers into the air.
  2. Packaging the Tiles: After wetting, the tiles are carefully packed into boxes. These boxes are then sealed within 6-mil thick plastic bags or other secure containers, ensuring no asbestos fibers can leak out.
  3. Ensuring Safe Disposal: Finally, these sealed containers are transported to and disposed of at certified landfills, strictly following environmental safety standards.

Addressing Mastic Floor Tile Containing Asbestos

When dealing with mastic floor tiles that contain asbestos:

  1. Solvent Application: We apply a suitable solvent to dissolve the mastic effectively.
  2. HEPA Vacuuming: Following the solvent application, a vacuum equipped with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is used to remove and clean up the resulting slurry, ensuring a thorough removal process.

Adhering to Strict Safety Standards

Ensuring the safety of our teams is crucial. We mandate the wearing of protective gear, including respirators fitted with HEPA-filter cartridges and disposable full-body coverings, to prevent any health hazards. After the process, these coverings are disposed of responsibly along with the asbestos waste.

Post-Removal Safety Measures

Post the removal process, we ensure:

  1. Personal Clean-Up: Our personnel thoroughly wash and shower to cleanse areas not covered by protective gear.
  2. Site Clean-Up: The walls and surfaces in the concerned area undergo a meticulous wipe-down using wet rags to eliminate any adhering asbestos fibers, promoting a safe and clean environment post-service.

Comprehensive Asbestos Tile Removal Solutions

Expertise in Asbestos Floor Tile and Vinyl Tile Removal

At Eco Metal Recycling Inc, we specialize in asbestos tile removal, including the precise extraction of asbestos floor tiles and asbestos vinyl tiles. Our approach combines advanced techniques with a deep understanding of asbestos-related risks to ensure the safe removal of these hazardous materials. By prioritizing health and environmental safety, we provide solutions that address the challenges of removing asbestos from commercial settings.

Tailored Strategies for Asbestos Vinyl Tile Removal

Recognizing the unique nature of asbestos vinyl tiles, our team employs customized strategies that cater to the specific composition and condition of the flooring. This tailored approach ensures the effective removal of asbestos while minimizing the risk of fiber dispersion, safeguarding both our clients and our team against exposure.

Why Choose Us for Removing Asbestos Floor Tiles?

Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance makes us the preferred choice for businesses needing to remove asbestos tiles. With our specialized knowledge in handling asbestos vinyl tiles, we offer peace of mind through services designed to meet the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility.

Leverage our expertise for your asbestos tile removal needs. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with a comprehensive service that addresses all aspects of asbestos abatement, from initial assessment to final cleanup. 

Reach Us for Expert Consultation

At Eco Metal Recycling Inc, we remain committed to facilitating a safer environment through expert asbestos abatement services. We are a MECP (Ministry of the Environment Conservation & Parks) approved company, holding two environmental compliance numbers issued by the ministry. Connect with us for an insightful consultation and a free estimate tailored to your requirements.

Photos of Commercial Asbestos Floor Tile Removals