Eco Metal Recycling has been in business for over 30 years! You may have not heard the name or seen the image before, all of that is new… however… we are not.

We have been removing Residential Heating Oil Tanks, performing other tank removals and Boiler removals since 1979. We also now have been very busy with our heavy dismantling division, Boilers, Generators, Factory equipment, etc.

Eco Metal Recycling Inc. was initially established to assist the HVAC Industry and the public sector. We felt it was time to start doing our part by making sure all jobs were done in a ECO Friendly manner… regardless of the size or if the job was Residential, Commercial or Industrial. Not only do we work with industries… we also work with homeowners, real estate agents, environmental cleanup firms or anyone else who may have a need for our specialized services.

ECO Metal Recycling Team

At Eco Metal Recycling we take great measures to ensure the environment always comes first! You may have questioned how a company that specializes in the removal of oil tanks and boiler removal could accomplish this? – By following a very strict code of environmental rules and regulations in order to guarantee every client and job are properly handled with the utmost care and respect for both.

Our Team

Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario and servicing South Central Ontario and the Niagara Region, our team is grounded by our commitment to customer service and we at Eco Metal Recycling believe in order to satisfy you the client, our team must think, first and foremost, like a client. We will always leave the job as if we were leaving our own home.

Our entire team is fully trained by professional trainers on a regular basis. When our professional team shows up at your home or job site, they will be on time, polite, courteous, wearing a clean uniform, treat your job site with care and insure a clean, safe removal.

Service is what makes our team stand apart. We are not in a service company, we are a people company, and this is what we teach and lead our teams by. No matter how big or small, an industry or home, you and your property are treated with the best care and service we can provide.

Boiler removal

Our Expertise

We hold several licenses, certificates, insurances and belong to other associations:

Eco Metal Recycling is affiliated with Eco Demolition.

All equipment and trucks are kept beyond standard to make sure we can handle the job the “Eco Way”.
We continue to provide outstanding service at an affordable price!
Contact us today for a free consultation or quote. It would be our pleasure to serve you or your company today!

MTO PM3 Dangerous Goods Certified


WSIB Ontario

OTB2 & OBT3 Licensed Technicians

Value Add

Attention REALTORS® and homeowners: we can increase the re-sale value and increase the opportunity for a speedy transaction by eliminating the problems that are in the way, unused oil tank, unused boiler, furnace, water heater or just that scrap that is making the attractive property, unattractive!

Attention HVAC contractors: let us get the site ready for your installation by removing the oil tank or removing the boiler, then all you have to do is put in that new system! One less thing you have deal with!