We do more than just oil tank removals. If you have any abandoned water tanks, fuel tanks, oil tanks, propane tanks, holding tanks, or any other tanks that you need to have removed, we can remove them for you.

It is important to know that for every tank we remove from your property, we issue a shipping document with our company information and all our approval numbers.

If you're concerned about the soil being contaminated where the tank was, no problem, we work with different environmental companies that can assist you with this.

We remove above ground fuel storage tanks (AST) and underground fuel storage tanks (UST) from your home, farm or commercial property.

Types of tanks we remove:

Photo of two 1000 Gallon tanks on cradles

Photo of an Abandoned Water Storage 1500 Gallon Tank

Removal of Farm Tanks, Propane Tanks, Diesel Fuel Tanks, Gasoline Storage Tanks, Industrial Holding Tanks and more...

If you have any old or abandoned Propane Tanks or Industrial Holding Tanks, we can remove them for you! Contact Eco Metal Recycling today and we can have those tanks safely removed for you.

Photo of a Propane Tank

Photo of an Industrial Holding Tank

Or if you got any Farm Tanks or Fuel Holding Tanks, we can remove those for you as well. Don't hesitate to call Eco Metal Recycling and let the experts handle it safely and quickly!

Photo of an Abandoned Farm Tank

Photo of a Propane Storage Tank

Lastly, if you need to get rid of your old and unused Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks (AST), Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks or Gasoline Fuel Tanks from your home, farm or commercial property — then Eco Metal Recycling is the right choice! Certified, Experienced and Eco friendly.

Photo of an Abandoned Diesel Fuel Tank

Photo of a Gasoline Storage Tank