Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks logo At Eco Metal Recycling Inc., we’re committed to helping you understand the dangers of asbestos in your home or office. We want to work with you to ensure a safe environment no matter how you decide to address the problem of asbestos in your building.

Asbestos floor tile

Because Asbestos floor tiles were so effective and durable, it appears virtually everywhere in Southern Ontario. It is still being found in homes, businesses and institutions like schools and hospitals.

Usually, asbestos floor tiles came in a 9’x9’ piece tile, it also came in asbestos sheets or vinyl sheeting.

At Eco Metal Recycling Inc., we are a fully approved Ministry of the Environment company. We hold 2 Environmental compliance numbers issued by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

A shipping document will be issued to the property owner once the asbestos has been dropped off at the licensed receiver. This guarantees you that the material that was taken from your home, office or building is tracked from Point A to Point B.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ASK THE CONTRACTOR IF THEY CARRY A REG# 347. It is the law that any driver carrying Asbestos must have this ticket.

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Photos of Commercial Asbestos and Insulation Removals