At Eco Metal Recycling Inc., we specialize in commercial chiller removal, providing top-tier services to efficiently decommission outdated or inefficient chillers from commercial properties. Our process is designed to ensure minimal operational disruption, prioritizing your business continuity.

  • Crane-Assisted Chiller Removal: Our expert team uses advanced crane technology to securely and swiftly remove air-cooled chillers, especially from challenging rooftop locations.
  • Precision Chiller Dismantling: For tight spaces where cranes cannot reach, our skilled technicians meticulously dismantle water-cooled chillers to ensure safe and thorough removal.
  • Ensured Business Continuity: We strategically plan and execute each chiller removal or dismantling project to align seamlessly with your business operations, significantly reducing downtime.

Professional Chiller Demolition and Environmental Compliance

Each chiller demolition at Eco Metal Recycling Inc. starts with a thorough site evaluation to devise the most effective strategy for dismantling or demolition. Our team is well-trained in modern demolition techniques, ensuring every project is carried out with detailed planning and precision to maintain the integrity and safety of your site. This approach ensures that all operations adhere to strict environmental compliance standards, safeguarding your property and the surrounding environment during the process.

Comprehensive Chiller Dismantling Services

  1. Initial Consultation: We start with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs and the logistics involved in your chiller removal or demolition dismantling project.
  2. Tailored Approach: Based on your site's specifics, we develop a customized plan that uses the best tools and methods for your particular chiller system.
  3. Execution and Compliance: Our trained professionals carry out the removal or dismantling, ensuring all actions are compliant with local regulations and safety standards.
  4. Comprehensive Cleanup and Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials: Post-removal, we ensure a thorough cleanup of the site. Our commitment extends beyond simple removal—focusing on meticulous handling and disposal of all hazardous materials and recycling of salvageable parts.

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Ready to upgrade your facility or need expert removal of an outdated chiller? For reliable and environmentally responsible service throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), reach out to Eco Metal Recycling Inc. You can call us at (905) 330-8034 or email us at Let us help you maintain a safe and efficient commercial space with our professional chiller removal and dismantling services.

Photos of Commercial Chiller Removals