When it comes to removing industrial pipe and valves, you need to have the proper tools, equipment and number 1 is to have the proper company like Eco Metal do the job. We have years of experience and all the right tools and equipment.

Industrial piping that has insulation covering the pipes must be removed first, we always remove the insulation, bag it and always transport to an authorized receiver. We will issue the building address or owner a shipping document. A shipping document is proof that the material was shipped from your location to the authorized receiver. Yes, you will receive a copy for your files. We keep a copy of file as well.

There are many different types of piping:

  • Dormant Gas lines
  • Dormant boiler piping
  • Old fuel oil lines
  • Old heating pipes
  • Old waterlines
  • Old hot water piping
  • Other piping

Depending on the height of the piping, we may have a use special lifts, like sky jacks, scissors lifts, or if we can’t get machinery into the building, we would use scaffolding. Eco metal has our own scaffolding but, in many circumstances, we would have to hire a licensed scaffolding company if we are going higher then 3 sections high. Engineered scaffolding is always the best and safest.

Please see the pictures below of our latest jobs taking out industrial piping.

Photos of Industrial Piping Removals