Eco Metal Recycling Inc. stands as a beacon of reliability in offering expert commercial piping removal services. With years of experience at our disposal, we are equipped with the ideal tools and knowledge to address all your commercial piping removal needs, transforming spaces to be more functional and compliant with current regulations.

The Eco Metal Promise: Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency are paramount in every project we undertake. Our methodical approach to piping removal considers every intricate detail — from the proper handling of various types of dormant and outdated piping systems to the careful disposal of insulation materials, such as asbestos piping insulation, guaranteeing a service that meets MECP standards and regulations.

An Insight into Our Commercial Piping Removal Process

Step 1: Insulation Removal - The initial step involves the meticulous removal of insulation that covers the pipes. This material is safely bagged and responsibly transported to an MECP authorized receiver.

Step 2: Piping Dismantlement - Leveraging specialized equipment, our team handles the dismantlement of a wide variety of pipes, including but not limited to:

  • Dormant gas lines
  • Dormant boiler piping
  • Old fuel oil lines
  • Aged heating and water pipes
  • Outdated hot water piping
  • Other piping

Step 3: Safe Transport and Disposal - Post-dismantlement, we ensure that all materials are transported safely and disposed of at an authorized receiver facility, conforming to all MECP regulations.

Documentation for Your Assurance

We facilitate transparency through detailed shipping documentation that attests to the lawful disposal of materials, providing you with a copy for your records to certify the responsible handling of all materials involved.

Specialized Equipment for Elevated Areas

Depending on the complexity and height involved in the removal process, we employ special lifts such as skyjacks and scissor lifts, or resort to scaffolding to ensure safe and effective removal. In instances where the operation requires more than 3 sections of scaffolding, we engage licensed scaffolding companies to maintain the highest safety standards.

Contact Us

For expert assistance in reclaiming your commercial space with a safe and efficient piping removal solution, contact Eco Metal. Reach out to us at (905) 330-8034 or via email at Our dedicated team is prepared to support your commercial piping removal requirements.

Please see the pictures below of our latest jobs taking out commercial piping.

Photos of Commercial Piping Removals