In the fast-changing world of commercial venting solutions, Eco Metal Recycling Inc. has solidified its position as a leading specialist in the removal of outdated chimney stacks and venting systems. Back when large heating boilers were common, they needed big chimney stacks for exhaust. But as heating systems have improved, many of these large chimneys are no longer needed.

Understanding Chimney Stack Removal

Removing an old chimney stack from an apartment complex or industrial building involves more than just dismantling it. This operation requires thorough planning, a deep understanding of logistics, and developing a safe strategy. Given that these stacks are constructed from materials like welded steel, concrete blocks, or bricks, each presents its own challenges, making the use of cranes not always a viable option.

Our Approach

Our strategy always prioritizes safety and efficiency. We surround the stack with scaffolding, ensuring full or maximal coverage. We always partner with licensed scaffolding companies. If the setup requires special engineering, we ensure it's approved before use.

Every technician entrusted with these critical assignments possesses a "Working at Heights" certification, a mandate from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, reinforcing our commitment to safety.


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Choose Certified Professionals for Your Venting System Dismantling

It's essential to understand the gravity of venting removal tasks—especially when it concerns a significant structure. One misstep can lead to catastrophic results. Hence, it's always advised to rely on professionals with a diverse experience with the stack removal process.

From industrial facilities to residential buildings our expertise spans across diverse challenges. With diverse experience in Toronto and the GTA, we’ve been a trusted name for years, with a portfolio that's a testament to our excellence.

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Photos of Commercial Stack & Venting Removals