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Eco Metal Recycling Inc. stands as the leading commercial boiler removal contractor in Ontario, delivering safe and professional services throughout Southern Ontario. No job is too small or too large for our skilled team, capable of handling tasks ranging from the removal of a small cast iron sectional boiler to dismantling a two-story solid steel water tube boiler in an apartment building.

Certified and Trustworthy Services

Our expert team specializes in the removal of large commercial hot water boilers, including both steel and cast-iron boilers. Leveraging years of experience and the necessary qualifications, we guarantee a job done right, adhering to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Our certifications include:

  • TSSA Certified
  • Asbestos Type 1,2,3, 253W and 253S Certified Technicians

Expertise in Boiler and Asbestos Removal

We are fully licensed and equipped with the necessary training and tools to meticulously remove asbestos insulation from both the boiler and its connecting pipes prior to dismantling and removal. Our certified processes, carried out by our expertly trained team, ensure the safe handling and disposal of asbestos materials, aligning with all regulatory standards.

Our Boiler Removal Services Include:

Photo of an 9,000 pound 1920s style Commercial Boiler

Photo of an 15,000 pound Mid Stage Commercial Boiler

Photo of an 18,000 pound Commercial Gas Boiler

Photo of an Commercial Gas Boiler

Photo of an Commercial Gas Boiler


Let us handle the removal of your old commercial boiler for you.

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Commercial Radiator Removals

Whether you are transitioning to a forced-air system or simply updating your existing setup, our team is here to assist with the removal of outdated steel and cast iron radiators. This service can be a standalone or seamlessly integrated when we are contracted to remove boilers. Entrust us with the task to ensure safe and efficient removal, facilitating a smooth transition to your new system.

Commercial Boiler Removal FAQs

Photo of Asbestos Covered Boiler Piping Q: If a Boiler has asbestos on it, is it safe for the owner/employees to be in the commercial area at the time of asbestos removal?

Yes! The area containing the commercial boiler to be removed is enclosed by plastic drop sheet to prevent contamination by asbestos fibres and dust in other areas of the premises; In addition we use a negative air pressure vacuum in the room being serviced.

Q: How are boilers removed?

The removal process depends on the specific type of boiler you have. Generally, most boilers can be dismantled in sections. When a boiler contains asbestos, especially at the bottom of the firepot, we employ industry-standard asbestos removal techniques to handle it safely. Despite the typically messy nature of boiler removals due to the old water in the system, our team takes meticulous steps to maintain cleanliness. We leverage drop sheets and absorbents to manage any spills effectively, leaving your space even cleaner than before we started. Clients often remark, "It looks cleaner than before the job was done!"

Q: How do you handle boilers with asbestos insulation?

We ensure the boiler area is securely enclosed with plastic drop sheets to prevent any asbestos fibres and dust from contaminating other regions of the premises. We also utilize negative air pressure vacuums in the serviced room to maintain the utmost safety. All of this is done before the dismantling process begins. Our thorough approach ensures the safety of your premises and compliance with all regulatory standards. We are certified to handle asbestos types 1, 2, and 3, allowing us to safely remove asbestos insulation from both boilers and boiler pipes.

We Service Your Area

No place is too small or too far for Eco Metal Recycling Inc. We service almost all in Southern Ontario and the GTA!

Photos of Commercial Boiler Removals