Industrial brick incinerators

Brick incinerators were commonly used in the 1940,1950, 1960 and 1970s in small to large residential apartment buildings. The domestic garbage was from the residents were burned in the incinerator usually located in the mechanical room in the basement. Most incinerators were building using brick and mortar. The incinerators used the same chimney exhaust as the heating boiler.

At Eco Metal Recycling Inc., we specialize in the removal of these old, no longer in use, incinerators. It is a very labour-intensive job to say the least. It is very important that every team member use a full hazmat suit, full face mask with P100 filters and latex gloves under the proper work gloves.

Every incinerator removal we do, we issue the owner a shipping document. A shipping document ensures the owner that the brick and other material is and was disposed of at an Authorized waste receiver facility.

Please see pictures below of our Brick incinerators removals.

Photos of Industrial Incinerator Removals