Campbellville Fuel Storage Tank and Water Cistern Tank Removals

Water Storage Tank Removal for commercial clients throughout Campbellville.

If your Campbellville business or workplace has a water storage tank, cistern tank, old hot-water boiler tank, rusty water storage tank or abandoned water tank that is no longer in use or more past it's service life cycle it SHOULD be removed off of the property ground. Or perhaps you have an abandoned water tank taking up land on your cottage, farm or business ground. These water tanks often rust and leak and as such should be properly removed by a qualified professional in Campbellville.

We take our job very seriously. We want to work with you to help keep our Campbellville environment free of hazards by eliminating any potential threat caused abandoned water storage tanks. Learn more about why you should use us for your abandoned water storage tank removal in Campbellville.

At Eco Metal Recycling Inc. we will assure you that the Campbellville water storage tank is removed worry free. We have the specialized resources and equipment to pump out and dispose of the water that remains in your water tank. This equipment is not available to the general Campbellville public. We provide Water Tank Removals for commercial clients in and around Campbellville.


Let us remove that old commercial fuel or water tank.

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Photo of an rusty old water storage tank in Campbellville

Our Campbellville Fuel & Water Storage Tank Removal Services

  • Water Storage Tanks Removal In Campbellville
  • Water Tanks Removal In Campbellville
  • Cistern Tanks Removal In Campbellville
  • Hot-Water Boiler Tanks Removal In Campbellville
  • Water Boiler Tanks Removal In Campbellville
  • Hot Water Tanks Removal
  • Abandoned Water Storage Tanks Removal In Campbellville
  • Above Ground Water Tanks Removal In Campbellville
  • Commercial Water Tanks Removal In Campbellville
  • Above Ground Water Tanks Removal

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Why you should use us for Campbellville Fuel and Water Tank Removals

Here are a few reasons why Eco Metal Recycling Inc is the best water storage tank removal company to use for Water Storage Tank Removals in Campbellville

  • On time arrival
  • Technicians are TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) Certified with OTB3 & OTB2 licenses.
  • WSIB Registered
  • TSSA – Certified Company Contractor
  • MTO – MP3 Dangerous goods transportation licensed and Insured
  • Proud Member of CARI “Canadian Association Recycling Industry”
  • Team Technicians are Professional, Polite and respectful
  • Liability insurance
  • Eco environmentally friendly process
  • We use more drop sheets than any other company to insure your business or workplace is well protected

Photo of the ECO Metal Recycling Service Truck removing a Fuel Storage Tank in Campbellville, Ontario

Hot Water Tank Removal and System Dismantling in Campbellville

Eco Metal Recycling Inc also provides Hot Water Tank Removal services for commercial clients in and around Campbellville and Southern Ontario.

We are Campbellville's hot water tank removal, hot water tank dismantling and hot water tank disposal experts. We are capable of dismantling and removing large commercial hot water tanks as well as dismantling and removing smaller hot water tanks. There is no job too small or too large… whether its' a 300 lb. steel boiler removal or an old 5 ton cast iron boiler dismantling and removal job, a steam boiler, a hot water boiler, or heating system boiler, we remove them all. Let us do the heavy lifting. We'll dismantle your old hot water tank and remove that old hot water tank from your Campbellville business or workplace!

Photo of an old solid steel commercial boiler in Campbellville, Ontario