Oil Tank Removal and Pump-Out in Coldwater

Oil Tank Removal for residential clients in and around Coldwater.

If your Coldwater home or business has an exterior oil tank, interior oil tank, above ground fuel storage tank, underground fuel storage tank or heating oil tank that is no longer in use or past it's service life cycle it must be removed from your home. Or perhaps you have an abandoned oil tank just sitting and taking up valuable space in your home, cottage, farm or business. These abandoned fuel oil tanks are at potential risk for a fuel leak and should be properly removed by a qualified professional.

Let us help you keep your environment free of hazards by eliminating any potential threat caused by a dormant heating oil tank. We specialize in Eco environmentally friendly Coldwater Oil Tank Removals.

We have been removing Heating Oil Tanks in Coldwater, Ontario since 1979. At Eco Metal Recycling Inc. we will assure you worry free oil tank removals in Coldwater. We have the specialized resources and equipment to pump out and dispose of the heating oil that remains in your heating oil tank. Our specialized equipment is not available to the general public.

Oil Tank Removal Certificate: After each Coldwater oil tank removal we provide a Certificate of Tank Removal to home owner for Insurance purposes.


Let us remove that old oil tank.

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Photo of a furnace oil tank in basement of house in Coldwater, Ontario

Why we are the right choice for Coldwater Oil Tank Removals

Photo of crew removing an Oil Tank in Coldwater, Ontario

Here are a few reasons why Eco Metal Recycling Inc is the best oil tank removal company to use for Oil Tank Removal in Coldwater:

  • On time arrival
  • Technicians are TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) Certified with OTB3 & OTB2 licenses.
  • MECP – (Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks) Approved Contractor
  • WSIB Registered and Compliant
  • TSSA – Certified Company Contractor
  • MTO – Transportation of dangerous goods transportation licensed and Insured
  • Drivers Hold – Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal Regulation # 347 License
  • Master Petroleum Mechanic (PM1) on staff
  • Certified Oil Burner Technician (OBT-1) on staff
  • Team Technicians are Professional, Polite and respectful
  • $5,000,000 liability insurance
  • Eco environmentally friendly process
  • We use more drop sheets than any other company to insure your Coldwater home is well protected
  • We provide a Certificate of Tank Removal to home owner for Insurance purposes

Why you should remove your dormant Oil Tanks in Coldwater

Do you want to take a gamble with your health and investment and leave that unused oil tank on your property?

Over time and usage home heating oil tanks may acquire semi-solids (sludge) within them. This sludge contains many harmful contaminants and moisture. Oil tanks that stay dormant with contamination sludge inside could possibly become a hazard to you and your family because of bacterial growth that can form within the tank. Furthermore, these tanks may begin to leak due to corrosion.

Your home or business is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime, why gamble with investments? Eliminate the potential risk of an abandoned furnace oil tank? The way to eliminate this risk is to remove the threat by removing the dormant oil tanks!

We recommend that you remove your abandoned oil tank as soon as possible and inform your insurance company once the tank has been removed.

Fuel Oil Tanks Removals and Pump Outs in Coldwater

No matter what your situation is... we can handle it!

Let us help you: remove unused oil tanks, remove abandoned furnace oil tanks, remove above ground oil storage tanks, remove below ground oil storage tanks, pump-out and dispose of furnace oil, remove abandoned oil tanks, remove above ground fuel storage tanks, remove underground fuel storage tanks, remove buried oil tanks, remove heating oil tanks, decommission oil tanks in Coldwater area.

More Information About Fuel Oil Tanks

You can find more information about fuel oil tanks on the T.S.S.A website. We have provided the following links for your convenience: